January Birthstone Ring Garnet 14K


Size Guide

The January Birthstone Ring Garnet is handmade using 14K gold and a unique garnet stone.

For the beautiful souls, children of the cold and moody month of January, garnet is your guiding star. This stone of mysterious deep-red will enhance your female life force and creative energy. Tap into your inner Czarina, dare to rule your world with a smile and ease of the Russian empresses who obscured the sun itself with their garnet jewellery. The stone holds a lovely legend: friends used to exchange garnets as tokens of their bond and future meetings. Should you believe so, call your best one and give her a bejewelled reminder of your friendship. As for yourself, opt for a single piece or a galaxy of gleaming garnets; one can never go wrong with a stone of such a magnetic beauty.  

  • 14K Gold - 585
  • Single 
  • Stone: 1mm x 1mm 
  • Ring: 16mm
  • Handmade