February Birthstone Earring Charm Amethyst 14K


The February Birthstone Earring Charm Amethyst is handmade using 14K gold and a unique amethyst stone.

There is something utterly mesmerising in this stone of deep purple colour. Maybe the appeal comes from the enchanting legends surrounding the gem or the lucent lavender colour; whichever it is, amethyst is a dazzling stone guiding the lucky ones born in the month of February. Usher peace, balance and harmony in your life, the qualities amethyst symbolises. Wear the gem on a delicate chain around your neck or layer a few rings or earrings. Follow the example of Ancient Egyptians and don the amethyst jewellery as an exquisite protective amulet. Or embrace the regal side of the gem loved by so many royals and be the empress of your destiny. For this radiant gem is as multifaceted as you, a child of February.

  • 14K Gold - 585
  • Single
  • Stone: 4mm x 4mm
  • Total (incl. Hanger): 6mm
  • Handmade

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February Birthstone Earring Charm Amethyst 14K

February Birthstone Earring Charm Amethyst 14K

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