Atelje Long Pearl Drop Phone Cord

By Atelje

The Atelje Long Pearl Drop Phone Cord is the new must-have accessory and your phone’s new best friend. This pearly beauty is functional, versatile, and an absolute eye-catcher - what’s not to love? 
Ateljé is a passion project by Yara Michels, providing easy, yet glamorous solutions for all those beautiful, strong, multi-tasking women out there! Making life slightly more efficient – because it’s hectic enough as it is.
• The phone case is not included
• Cross body phone cord
• Length: 110 cm (so 55 cm on each side of your body), pearls have a 6 mm width
• Off-white faux pearls
• Gold toned hardware
• Easy to switch cord with gold-toned clips
• Please note that It might happen that the gold hardware may discolour over time, due to the use and wearing of the case.