Anna Von Lipa Hobnail Bowl


The Anna Von Lipa Hobnail bowl is mouth-blown and 100% handmade with lots of care and expertise. The bowl has a gorgeous pink colour with a hobnail design. This is an extraordinary piece that will bring joy to every table setting.

Anna Von Lipa was founded in 1996. It all began when the Danish founder, Jytte Correll, went to the Czech Republic on a family trip. They discovered that the country is a centre stage for Europe’s most exquisite glass art, historically as well as today. Anna Von Lipa has collaborated with the oldest and most prominent glassblowers in Europe designing and manufacturing luxurious free-blown glass art. The glasswork is proudly produced in Bohemia, Czech Republic, the glass empire of Central Europe.

• Handmade in the Czech Republic
• Made from Glass
• Height 7 cm x Width 11 cm

Care instructions:
 • Use a short washing program, less than 60˚ celcius, without a drying programme.
• Open the door of the washing machine so that water can evaporate and dry your glasses with a tea towel.
• The glasses are resistant to mild acids but not stronger acids like ”minus lime” and various descaling agents that you usually buy in the household. Instead, we advise you use citric or acetic acid.