The Fabled Thread Purple Geometrical Frame


The Fabled Thread Purple Geometrical Frame - Purple is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

The Fabled Thread Purple Geometrical Frame is the perfect frame to hang the embroideries or some art of your own liking. The double-layered frames are made by a wonderful Yorkshire art framer. The frame will look good with any kind of artwork and will add a touch of colour and print to your home.

The Fabled Thread is a UK based brand that was founded by Eppie Thomson. The inspiration to start the company was a sampler made by her 97-year-old grandmother. So when friends of Eppie announced their engagement she made tried to make them a sampler as well. The second she pushed the thread through the eye of the needle she knew she had to do something with it. Eppies love for sewing has only grown stronger and sharing the joys of needlework and samplers has become a big part of her life. All the kits are prepared with immense care by her and her small team in east London.

• The frame doesn't come with an embroidery kit
• The frame will fit The Fables or any other A4 piece of art.
• An embroidery mounting kit will also be included, which includes the mount board, all the push pins and framing pins required and a guide on how to mount your embroidery.
• The frames are not glazed as Eppie Thomson believes this is the best way to present embroidery to appreciate all the detail and textures. The embroidery will be perfectly safe like this however if you are choosing to hang the embroidery somewhere steamy (i.e. a bathroom), there will be space in the frame to add glazing. You will be able to get glass cut to size at any framers.

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The Fabled Thread Purple Geometrical Frame

The Fabled Thread Purple Geometrical Frame

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