Never Ending Bracelet Voucher Y/G Venetian 14K


The Never Ending Bracelet Voucher Y/G Venetian is made using 14K yellow gold and is a unique jewellery piece that will last a lifetime. We believe in the magic of jewellery and the alchemy of feeling. And our Never-Ending Collection is the ultimate symbol of an unbreakable bond and eternal love.

This product is a voucher for our Never-Ending jewellery service and will be shipped to you in the post. Upon receiving the voucher you can follow the steps including booking an appointment for your Never-Ending jewellery piece.

How does it work?
1. Add the Never Ending piece that you wish to have welded in one of our stores to your webshop shopping cart
2. After purchase, a physical voucher will arrive soon at your doorstep. The perfect item to gift to someone, or to gift yourself!
3. Scan the QR code on the back of the voucher and find a time and location that fits you
4. During your appointment, the chosen Never Ending piece will be made to fit so it fits you perfectly. Once measured, the magic happens… the chains of your piece will be closed together(zap-zap!), and there you have it, your special Never Ending piece to wear forever.

Material: 14K Yellow Gold
This voucher is valid for the Never-Ending Bracelet Y/G Venetian 14K
• When ordering this product you will receive a physical voucher which you can use for your Never-Ending Bracelet in-store.
• Please note: This voucher is only valid for one Never-Ending Bracelet


Please note: This voucher is only redeemable in one of our Anna + Nina stores.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Beautiful gift!

I bought this for a friend's birthday and am so happy with it - what a great gift! Now I need one for myself :)


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Never Ending Bracelet Voucher Y/G Venetian 14K

Never Ending Bracelet Voucher Y/G Venetian 14K

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