September Birthstone Ring Sapphire 14K


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The September Birthstone Ring Sapphire is handmade using 14K gold and a unique sapphire stone.
Blue as the infinite sky on a crisp autumn morning, blue as the shimmering waters of the wild sea, sapphire is the gemstone of arresting beauty offering its guidance to the September-born.
This precious stone is closely intertwined with the wonders of the sky. From vibrant violet-blue to the softest shades of the almost clear blue, sapphire mirrors all the celestial sphere's moods, powers, and secrets. No wonder that the gem embodies freedom and encourages creative expression and inner peace. Sapphires are beyond fashion. Be elegant and wear one on a dainty necklace, be edgy and mix your sapphire with chunky jewellery pieces, be glamorous, and don the opulent sapphire rings on each finger - forget the rules and follow your wish and style. This gemstone, glorious in its ethereal colour, will surely become a beloved piece in your jewellery collection and a lasting legacy for generations to come.

  • 14K Gold - 585
  • Single
  • Stone: 1mm x 1mm
  • Ring: 16mm
  • Handmade

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September Birthstone Ring Sapphire 14K

September Birthstone Ring Sapphire 14K

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