March Birthstone Ring Aquamarine 14K


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The March Birthstone Ring Aquamarine is handmade using 14K gold and a unique aquamarine stone.
The translucent azure gem with the poetic name aquamarine, meaning the sea’s waters, is the gemstone of the March born. Ranging from the deep glistening blue to the transparent blue-green, the stone conveys the diverse beauty of the underwater world. Similar to the reflection of the sea, aquamarine mirrors and enhances your hidden potential. Wearing this gem, you’ll embrace your true self and explore life with wonder and ease. Take your spin on the timeless tale of the deep sea embodied in this clear blue aquamarine. Dive into what life holds for you, dance adorned in the luminous aquamarine jewellery beneath the scintillating stars and let the mesmerising rhythm of the ocean be your inner guide.

  • 14K Gold - 585
  • Single
  • Stone: 1mm x 1mm
  • Ring: 16mm
  • Handmade

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March Birthstone Ring Aquamarine 14K

March Birthstone Ring Aquamarine 14K

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