August Birthstone Multi Ring Peridot


The August Birthstone Multi Ring Peridot is handmade using 14K gold and unique Peridot stone.

The August-born, you are guided by the dazzling gemstone, peridot, with a vibrant glow like no other.
Its ravishing green beauty is both refreshing and enigmatic. A peridot jewellery piece is an exotic addition to your jewellery box. Inject it subtly in your style by opting for a delicate ring or be dashing and unapologetically bold and don a light-catching cluster of peridot jewellery - earrings, necklaces, and rings!
Next to a splash of vibrant colour, peridot brings peace, harmony and creative energy. The ancient Egyptians knew the stone as the gem of the sun and believed it could restore happiness and balance.
Get yourself a peridot or two, as it’s never too soon to plan for a happy, tranquil life.

- 14K Gold and Peridot
- Width widest point: 0,2 cm
- Width smallest point: 0,1 cm
- Width placement stones: 2,5 cm


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August Birthstone Multi Ring Peridot

August Birthstone Multi Ring Peridot

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