April Birthstone Multi Ring Diamond


The April Birthstone Multi Ring Diamond is handmade using 14K gold and a unique Diamond stone.

Iridescent diamonds, symbols of perfection and strength, guide the children of April.
This precious stone knows no season or trend, but the timeless elegance touched with a subtle edge - the truly one-of-the-kind type. So embrace the jewel, experiment with its size and shape, layer or wear boldly solo - diamonds are for those who dare.
Long before, people believed that these radiant gemstones were created by lightning striking the earth; others thought diamonds were gifts from the Gods. Whichever legend you prefer, diamonds are indeed gemstones of exceptional beauty, offering the right match to the extraordinary people born in the month of April.

- 14K Gold and Diamond
- Width widest point: 0,2 cm
- Width smallest point: 0,1 cm
- Width placement stones: 2,5 cm


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April Birthstone Multi Ring Diamond

April Birthstone Multi Ring Diamond

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